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Aquaticist℠ credentialing
Andrea Salzman
Kim Gordon
Kiki Dickinson
Lisa Illg


alaska aquatic therapist jocelyn westphal

"I realized very shortly after boarding the shuttle on Sat evening that I did not give you both the big hugs and thank you’s that you both so deserved, for the wonderful course this weekend! I am now sitting at my little desk in my little office, in the little school, in my little home town, after flying in at 7 am.

I am half asleep, but feel so grateful for all of the information you both gave me, that is swimming around in my brain at this very moment. Thank you both so much. I hope to be seeing you many more times in the future, as I am now an enthusiastic rider on the ATU train!!

Hugs from Homer, Alaska"

Jocelyn Shiro-Westphal, PT
Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
physical therapist in hydrotherapy class

"I used to spend a lot of time in the pool as a competitive swimmer, but not for 12 hours as we did during the course....I think I am just now recovering. It was fun!"

David Valentine, DPT
Gila Regional MC

"Thank you again for teaching a great class last weekend!! Today was my first day back in pool.  I loved the initiation of sit to stand sequence that we did on the steps.  I progressed it to the wobble board with a patient this morning to add in more of a balance component.  I also used 4 walls, pyramids, and build a move with several patients this morning. Thanks!"
Jessica Gumm, PT, DPT, ATC
LeMars PT
aquatic therapy instructor

"As crazy as this past month has been, I have loved all these teaching experiences. Each facility has asked when I could come back.... Just keep offering me classes to teach!"

Kim Gordon, MPT, MAqI, GAqI
Co-Owner, North Star Aquatic Therapy


"I love teaching pediatric courses for ATU. The participants are so excited; they are like sponges in the water...soaking up new ideas."

Kiki Dickinson, MPT, PAqI
Co-Owner, North Star Aquatic Therapy


"Feel free to give out my name. The therapists loved your courses so I would be very willing to give references. Thank you!"

Karen Boutiette, OT
Dove Healthcare
Has sent 9 therapists to Aquatic Therapy University over the last 2 years

"Being relatively new to aquatic therapy, I have been searching and searching for a place to help me transfer my land knowledge to the water as well as learn new techniques. I am happy to say that I have found home! Thank you for your vision of creating a place for excellence in the water!"

Tracey Powell, PT
Greensboro, NC


"I want you to know I rarely saw kiddos in the pool and after the course, I now have a full day in the pool and love it!

Thank you again!"

Shauna Lonski, PT
Sanford Health



"I loved the class!  I learned a lot, and we plan on starting a performance enhancement program in the pool for the area athletes.  We have a small pool so we will have to do some creative scheduling, but I think it is going to be a great thing."

Lana Hoke, OT, Program Manager
Sports Plus Milan

"We enjoyed your course and learned so many new concepts and learned many great new ideas! With my evaluations, I am using your recommendation with the flowsheet by putting goals on the flowsheet followed by exercises to attain those goals."
Carrie Esch

denver aquatic therapy course


"I learn a lot from this trip. I like you, Kiki and Kim. You all are good teachers and instructors. I will utilize what l learn from ATU and spread the good ideas to Hong Kong."

Stephen Chan, Physiotherapist, Aq

"My supervisor couldn't believe I basically had my own private week of training since the classes were so small. I feel so fortunate to have had such a unique opportunity to learn from the three of you and the very few students who shared the classes with me. What a lovely group of people to spend time with!  I learned something from every single person who attended."

Melodie Sherer, COTA

Aquaticist℠ credentialing

"I was soooo pleased to receive my Geriatric Aquaticist℠ Certification in Chicago last month. It's amazing how great this accomplishment can make you feel."
Sandra S, MPT, GAq

"Getting this has been a long journey. I started with ATRI but really liked the progression of courses at ATU and the evidence-based content. I've been trying to get promoted and being an Aquaticist will help."
Joan A, PT, GAq

"My coworkers and bosses are very congratulatory of this certification. The Aquaticist℠ plus teaching will help me get promoted to senior therapist."
Kara M. PT, MS, ATRIC, MAq

andrea salzman pic

Andrea Salzman, MS, PT, PAqM, GAqM, MAqM

"OMG Andrea. I sooooo want to attend everything you offer in the States. You remain the Aqua Queen! I am so grateful for your expertise."
Debbie Stokke, Medical Exercise Specialist

"You were a very engaging speaker that got us involved all the time! Way to go!! I love the experiential component."
Irene S, PT

"The most inspiring teachers embody passion for their work ... Andrea Salzman is one such. She's as sparkling and energizing as the pools she works in."
Sara Firman, LMT

"So far I am LOVING the boot camp DVD, it's really good. I love the therapist that's doing the teaching on the DVD, she is SO easy to understand, such a good speaker, I have never heard someone teach a class so naturally, in all my years!"

Karin S, PT

aquatic therapy instructor

Kim Gordon, MPT, MAqI, GAqI

"Excellent speaker with lots of energy. Made the long days fun." 
Amber R, PT

"Great job keeping us attended to the topic despite the early AM start. Easy to follow and open to questions." 
Megan H, OTR/L

"Wonderful job! Very knowledgeable, interesting and informative."
Ellie S, Wellness

kiki dickinson aquatic therapy instructor

Kiki Dickinson, MPT, PAqI

"Excellent. Engaging. Fun. Bring her back!"
Mary R, PT

"Kiki did a great job explaining everything and keeping you interested through all the infomation."
Nicole Q, PT

"Very knowledgeable, friendly. Makes me feel at ease."
Abbie M, PT

lisa illg aquatic therapist

Lisa Illg, PT, Aq

"Thank you, Lisa Illg, for instructing another fantastic pediatric aquatic therapy course! I learned so much and had a ball!!"
Jocelyn S, PT



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