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Aquatic Therapy University is a provider of live and distant continuing education for healthcare providers who are already licensed or otherwise recognized to practice in their states and countries. We are recognized as having courses certified for CCUs by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Our classes are also approved through multiple state PT, OT and SLP state boards, and other entities. We are currently seeking renewal as a BOC approved provider for the Athletic Trainer. Ask us about your state's requirements.


Starting in 2010, ATU started offering continuing education courses in almost every state of the country. We are looking for facilities to become our training sites away from home. With the buzz getting out about the magic of water but only 5% of therapists practicing it, now is the time to reach out and touch the other 95% by becoming our center of aquatic excellence in your state (and being financially rewarded while you are at it!). Becoming a director of a training host site can help you to become known as the center for aquatic excellence in your state. Am ATU training hub is nothing more than an appropriate training site (your warm water pool and lecture setting) which will fit our needs for providing continuing education classes.

ATU is a continuing education provider. We offer quality training to healthcare providers who are legally permitted to perform aquatic therapy and for those who are seeking CEs/CCUs for licensure renewal or personal satisfaction.

You can view our current classes here.

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As a Campus Director (CD) of an ATU training hub, you would be our boots on the ground running your own seminars in your own state using ATU's materials. We, in return, would help you advertise, secure CEU approvals and issue your manuals and certificates. Oh, and did I mention you get to keep your own money? You would just pay us for the manuals, certificates and whatever marketing help you would need. If you are not an ATU-approved instructor, you would also need to contract with the instructor. Email us now to ask for more information.

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To request more information about becoming an ATU training hub for aquatic CE, click here.

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