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Whether you are suffering from billing declines or you have a new competitor in town, don't throw in the towel yet! Get been-there-done-that advice from the turn-around experts at ATU. ATU has teamed with Beyond Aquatics and the Aquatix guru network to bring you the best aquatic business consultants who specialize in therapy pools only. From multiplying your physician referrals to recording radio spots, we've helped dozens of facilities plow over roadblocks and stay profitable. Scroll down to see the full list of our products and services. They are worth their weight in gold!


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Extreme Makeover Turn-Around Service

We hate it when pools close. But with shrinking reimbursements and disappearing physician referrals playing havoc with provider profits, we are seeing more and more failures. That is why we are introducing our Extreme Pool Makeover service: to stop pools from going down the drain. With just a short 1-day session, we will come tour your facility, interview your staff, observe your operations, review your billing procedures and analyze your programs to develop a comprehensive action plan on how best to turn around your practice and make you profitable once again.

Cost: $4995 for a 1-day site visit (includes interviews with principals, billing audit, equipment inventory, market research, patient & staff survey, financial review, treatment observation, and more)


  • Comprehensive action plan
  • Policy and procedure manual customized for your operations
  • Client brochure (pdf)
  • Physician referal brochure (pdf)
  • Press release
  • 60-second radio spot (mp3)
  • Site certification
  • 1-year phone and email support
  • ATU training discounts


Some Other Possible Extreme Makeover Options

Topic Audience Duration
New Employee Orientation New Hires
Current Reluctants
2 hrs
Annual Staff Retreat Mgmt/Staff 8 hrs
Q+A Session Mgmt/Staff 2 hrs
Business Leadership + Guest Svcs Training Mgmt/Staff 4 hrs
Reorganization Brainstorming and Facilitation Mgmt/Staff/Admin 8 hrs
Community Wellness Outreach Civic leaders/Public 3 hrs
Media Day Participation Local TV, Radio, Paper Reporters 4 hrs
Lunch-and-Learn Presentation Local Area Physicians and Other Referrers 1 hr
Multi-Site Programming Clinic Local therapists, Private-Practitioners, Healthcare Networks 4 hrs
Aquatic Equipment Showcase Staff/Mgmt 3 hrs
Site Certification Audit Management 8 hrs
Fundraising Drives Local VIPs/Civic Leaders/Public 4 hrs
Grand Openings VIPs/Officials/Media/Public 4 hrs
New Pool Study Mgmt/Contractors/Builders 8 hrs

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