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Name Your Own Price with ATU's New
Crowd Pricing Feature

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Save $100, $200, up to $300 When You Send us Your Bid

Coming up on your CEU deadline? Don't have enough funds to attend class? ATU is here to help with our new wallet-friendly Crowd Pricing feature. Crowd pricing allows you to bypass our normal $595 registration fee and instead allows you to name your own price for the class of your choice. Simply open the online bid form below, tell us the maximum you are willing to pay for your class and submit. Our proprietary pricing bot will then add your bid to everyone elses and once the total equals what we need to make to host the class, it will auto-magically find the minimum bid to make that happen. We will then send you an invitation to register at this Optimum Registration Rate (ORR), even if you bid a higher dollar amount.


ATU Crowd Pricing has two phases, the calculation phase and the registration phase. During the calculation phase, you will not be charged anything as your bid is only being used for determine our final pricing. After the ORR has been set , you will have the option of purchasing or not. You are under no financial obligation even though you may have previously sent us your bid.


Click here to view our current Crowd Priced classes


Peruse the table below to find answers to some common questions:


Question: What exactly is Crowd Pricing?
Answer: Crowd pricing is the term we use to describe the process of surveying the wisdom of a community in order to find the optimum price and value for a product or service. In our case, the community is healthcare clinitians such as yourself. You are our "boots-on-the-ground" and we figure you know best what the going rates for CEUs are as well as the perceived value of the content plus the state of your pocketbook. So we are willing to price our classes based on the wisdom of the crowd.
Question: What is the registration fee for a typical class?
Answer: $595
Question: Will the ORR ever be higher than $595?
Answer: No, the final calculated rate (the ORR) will always be less.
Question: Who gets the invitation to register?
Answer: Since our bot takes into account only the top bids, only those bids that came in equal to or higher will get an invite to register for the class at the ORR, even if your bid was higher. So vote with your bid. If you really want to attend the class, submit a high value to insure you will make the invite list.
Question: What a silly rule. Why can't I get an invitation to register?
Answer: We employ this rule to remove the temptation to submit absurdly low bids.
Question: You mean if I bid low the class will be closed to me?
Answer: Not exactly, While the highest bidders get first-dibs on registration, it is entirely possible that some will not be able to attend. In that case, those seats will be opened up to the public at which time you can register.
Question: I'm worried I might have bid too low. Can I submit a new bid?
Answer: Yes, you can bid as many times as you'd like. Our pricing bot is programmed to notice multiple bids from the same email address and will recalculate the ORR based on your latest bid.
Question: I like naming my own price but I really need this class. How can I be guaranteed a seat?
Answer: If you don't want to wait to register and want to be guaranteed a seat, you can register at the full price of $595 by clicking the Add to Cart button on each registration page.
Question: Will there ever be a case in which an ORR fails to be calculated?
Answer: Yes, if there ever is a time when not enough bids have been submitted by the drop-dead date, there won't be enough funds to host the class and the class will be cancelled.
Question: How long does it take to figure the final ORR?
Answer Typically 1-2 weeks for our most popular classes. A little long for others.
Question: How is the ORR calcuated?
Answer: Our pricing bot knows how much is needed to run a specific class. It also knows the maximum number of students that the class can hold. During the calcuation phase, our pricing bot keeps a running total of all the submitted bids. Once the total equals what we need, our proprietary logrythm compares the bids and figures which one is the cheapest.
Question: No, really. I'm a mathmetician. What's the specific equation you use?

If you really must know, here is our Secret Sauce. Good luck with it!

boldsymbol{xi} = frac{G }{2 c^2} frac{mathbf{L} - 3(mathbf{L} cdot mathbf{hat{r}} ) mathbf{hat{r}}}{left | mathbf{r} right |^3}

Question: How many classes are eligible for Crowd Pricing?
Answer: Not all classes in our calendar are elible for Crowd Pricing. Those classes that are will be annoted in red and have a link to the Crowd Pricing Bid form.







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