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Our website attracts visitors of all types, many of whom are patients or caregivers looking for clinics and therapists in your locality who can treat them or their loved ones in the water. If you are available to take our FindAPool clients, enroll now to join our stable of providers and we will match them to your location and send you their contact information as we receive them. The cost is $100 for single referrals or $600 for unlimited referals per year (single referrals require a coupon code).


Here is just a sample of our incoming requests:


  • Bariatric back (Minneapolis)
  • Pediatric special needs (Boulder)
  • Adolescent speech (Manassas)
  • Geriatric neuro (Amarillo)
  • Male TKR (Orlando)
  • Female lumbar (Quad Cities)

Each time ATU receives a FindAPool referral, ATU will match it with a subscribing clinic/therapist in the local area and email them the name of the patient, along with their city and phone number and/or email address. It is then up to the subscribing member to make contact or not. In the event that there are multiple subscribers in the referral area, then an email will be sent out to all subscribers simultaneously. If one of the members is an annual subscriber, then that member alone will be emailed and given first rights of refusal. That member must then first refuse the referral before an email can go out to the remaining subscribers.


Due to vagaries in clinic scheduling, patient transportation and payor reimbursements, ATU cannot guarantee that all  FindAPool referrals will convert into paying customers.

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