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Coursework Kit for General Intensive

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Wondering what an ATU Intensive is like? Have you registered for an Intensive and just want to get a leg-up on your preparation? Then pre-order your class texts and learning modules here before the big day. Included are the texts for all required and elective classes and their distance-learning modules.

NOTE: when purchased in conjunction with an ATU Intensive, the cost of this kit will be deducted from your registration fee.


The following courseware is included in this kit:


Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp (manual and 4.0 hr DVD)
Aquatic Sensory Integration (manual and 1.5 hr DVD)
Hands-On Aquatic Therapy for the Ortho/Neuro Client (manual)
Water-Based Interventions for the Musculoskeletal Client (manual)

Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy for the Geriatric Client (manual)

Aquatic Training Options for the Collegiate, Professional, and Elite Athlete (manual)

Aquatic Sensory & Motor Integration for the Pediatric Therapist (manual)

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