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Policy and Procedure Manual (Hardcopy/CD Set)

209 pgs.
Lynette Jamison
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This manual incorporates national and state health regulations for public pools, federal regulations and published standards for rehabilitation to provide your facility with a comprehensive up-to-date policies and procedures manual for your chlorine therapy pool. It was written to assist aquatic centers across the country to develop policies and procedures that will be recognized by national and state regulatory agencies such as JCAHO.

  • Hardcover comes bound in a 3-ring binder
  • CDROM comes as a Word .doc file
  • Updates sent to customers annually by the author

Table of Contents


Section 1 Pool Maintenance and Safety


101 Pool Rules and Regulations
102 Contraindications to Aquatic Therapy
103 Emergency Action Plan
104 Chemical Testing Procedures
105 Chemical Test Reporting  
   105a Pool Maintenance Log
   105b Pool Repair Log
   105c Bather Load & Program Log
106 Chemical Storage, Handling, Spill, Disposal
107 Backwash & Filter Procedure
108 Pool Chemical Adjustments
109 Process of Manually Adding Chemicals
110 Identifying Operational & Water Chemistry Problems.
111 Aquatic Area Cleaning & Linen Schedule
112 Fecal/Vomit Accident Plan
    112a Fecal/Vomit Accident Log
113 Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Contamination Action Plan
114 Aquatic Infection Control
   114a Infection Control Quarterly Report 


Section 2 Personnel


201   Candidate Process
202   Licensure Requirements
203   Orientation & Training
   203a   Orientation Checklist
204   Job Descriptions
   204a   Aquatic & Rehabilitation Director  
   204b  Occupational Therapist  
   204c  Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant  
   204d  Physical Therapist  
   204e  Physical Therapy Assistant  
   204f  Rehabilitation Technician  
   204g  Massage Therapist  
   204h  Exercise Physiologist  
   204i  Lifeguard & WSI  
   204j Pool and Spa Operator
   204k Rehab Scheduler
205  Competencies  
   205a  Aquatic & Rehabilitation Director Competencies
   205b  Occupational Therapist Competencies
   205c  Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Competencies
   205d  Physical Therapist Competencies
   205e  Physical Therapy Assistant Competencies
   205f  Rehabilitation Technician Competencies
   205g  Massage Therapist Competencies
   205h  Exercise Physiologist
   205i Lifeguard & Water Safety Instructor
   205j Pool and Spa Operator  
   205k Rehab Scheduler
206  Continuing Education & In-Service Training
   206a  Medical Age-Specific Competency
   206b  Non-Medical Age Specific Competency
207  In-Service Records
   207a  Mandatory Education Log
   207b  Continuing Education Log
   207c HIPAA Verification
208  Meetings
209  Uniform Dress Code

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