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Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism, 2010-2011

528 pgs
April 2010
Siri, Lyons, Salzman, et al
Skyhorse Publishing
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For parents of children with autism, research is a full-time job. For parents with limited time, ability, or resources to do this, Ken Siri and Tony Lyons have compiled the latest in autism research and treatment. Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism contains contributions from more than fifty experts on a variety of therapies, models, and multifaceted evaluation and treatment centers. Each contributor gives the reader a basic description of the topic, including its scientific rationale, development, risks, and benefits. Siri and Lyons include the therapies of the future, focusing on current clinical trials, ongoing research, and the researchers striving to better understand autism and find new treatments. Contributions include:

Andrea Salzman, MS, PT on aquatic therapy and hydrotherapy
• Dr. Jeffrey Becker on vision therapy
• Dr. Marvin Boris on allergies
• Dr. Charles Chapple on CST
• Ms. Judy Chinitz on parasites
• Ms. Jenifer Clark on ABA and the future
• Ms. Meghan Collins on physical therapy
• Ms. Dorinne Davis on sound therapies
• Dr. Michael Elice on IVIG
• Dr. Alessio Fasano on probiotics
• Dr. Mark Freilich on psychopharmacology
• Dr. Richard E. Frye on AEDs
• Dr. Michael Goldberg on defining autism
• Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh on CARD
• Dr. Devin Houston on enzymes
• Ms. Cindy Griffin on homeopathy
• Dr. Lester Grinspoon on marijuana
• Dr. Boyd Haley on OSR
• Ms. Valerie Herskowitz on technology
• Dr. James Jan on melatonin
• Mr. Markus Jarrow on OT/SIT
• Dr. Betty Jarusiewicz on neurofeedback
• Mr. Raun Kaufman on Son-Rise
• Dr. Alexander Kolevzon on research
• Ms. Mariah LeFeber on dance/movement
• Dr. Lisa Lewis & Ms. Karyn Seroussi on diets
• Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona on antifungals
• Dr. Frank Morales on stem cells
• Dr. James Neubrander on MB12
• Ms. Lavinia Pereira on speech
• Dr. Sally Rogers on the Denver Model
• Dr. Harry Schneider on language
• Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless on LDN
• Dr. Louisa Silva on massage
• Dr. Fred Starr on Respen-A
• Dr. Theoharis Theoharides on novel therapies
• Dr. Lauren Tobing-Puente on parenting
• Dr. Gil Tippy on DIR/Floortime
• Dr. Anju Usman on biofilm
• Ms. Ginny Van Rie on sensory therapy
• Dr. Amy Yasko on nutrigenomics
• and many more!

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