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Author/Editor: Aquatic Therapy University Press

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Softcover - 44 pages (2006) Aquatic Resources Network; Plymouth, MN

Table of Contents:
1. Why is it important to define aquatic physical therapy?

2. What is aquatic physical therapy?

3. Glossary of terms for water-based intervention

4. So, what is aquatic physical therapy?

5. So, what is not aquatic physical therapy

6. What are coding systems (ICD-9, HCPCS) and how should they be used?

7. What are the billing options for the aquatic physical therapist?

8. Additional coding information

9. Selecting a coding system

10. Billing and Relative Value Scales

11. Correct Coding initiative

12. Reasons for aquatic physical therapy denials

13. Preventing aquatic physical therapy denials

14. Reversing aquatic physical therapy denials

15. Is certification necessary?

16. Sample documentation forms

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